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Our customer is our most treasured asset. Our partners are our most valued allies.

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SharePoint Development

Sharepoint_Page3BKA's Sharepoint development effort is just taking off, but we're already leading the way with our effort in support of our Customer's mission through this new effort.

BKA employees create, administer, and maintain SharePoint Site Collections.  Our sites are utilized for various purposes, to include collaboration, archiving, version control, and for displaying data to site users.  Our employees combine customization and out-of-the box SharePoint tools to create visually pleasing, branded sites for our Customers. We constantly deliver sites that are user friendly and easy to administer and update, thereby streamlining effectiveness and efficiency for our Customers.

Our expertise allows site owners flexibility to use BKA resources for all aspects of the site or to create and design while using Customer resources to provide operations and maintenance.  This eliminates single points of failure for our Customers.

BKA offers ad hoc, consulting and full time SharePoint support to its custemers.  No job is too small.