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Computer Forensic Analysis & Technology

BKA's Computer Forensic Analysis (CFA) team provides support to the federal government at the tip of the spear in the global war on terror.  For the last four years we have been a leader in CFA techniques, analysis and reporting.  Although our primary focus is on this vital mission, we are poised and ready to support your needs in the area of computer forensics!


BKA's CFA team has a proven record of success in data extraction, analysis and reporting for our customers.  Our team uses the most advanced technology available to extract media from cell phones, thumb drives, hard drives, and other devices. Once the customer requirements are gathered, our team delivers. Simple extractions, basic analysis or detailed human – computer relational analysis can be provided.

Members of our technology support unit also modify existing tools and applications, as well as develop new tools in support of the CFA team's needs.  Combined with our experts in network and system engineering, BKA's total solution can support a wide range of computer technology needs.

Currently our team is supporting requirements of our federal government customers world-wide, but we are also equipped to provide support to local, state and federal law enforcement, as well as commercial and private customers.